Austrian Mountains – Snowbombing is coming

by The Good Life on April 5, 2011

in Austria, Snowboarding

So me and the other half of the Banterbox machine woke up in our very comfy yet a little odd, 4 person bed in Flauchauwinkl on Saturday after a great night hosting the Spring Battle Video Judging night, and set the lasers for Mayrhofen, and accompanied by Chase and Status headnodded for the two hours back to Mayrhofen, and fair play sometimes you forget how beautiful Austria is just driving along the roads.

Mr Henry Jackson doing the business avec Mustache
Ah the open road.
Meanwhile 5000 snowbombers were making their way across Europe with planes trains, and automobiles on the snowbombing Rally!  Those guys probably have the best start to the week ever.
This was the evenings before activities
Henry and Me giving it up for Mario Wagner.  Good times allround!

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