Snowbombing Day 2 Professor Green, Mista Jam, Magnetic Man

by The Good Life on April 6, 2011

in Austria, Snowboarding

Last night it was full steam ahead for the second night here in Mayrhofen as some big names were on stage.

Before we go any further though, we need to give some love to all the people who were dressed up for the party last night.  These are a few of the outfits..

This guy had gone for the Mr Motivator look.  Legend right there.  On fire.

This Couple were actually rolling deep in disco balls, I dont know how much they weighed but they looked the part
Last night was also Sports Heroes night, so there was a good few people in the mood
Some Tennis Heroes (lets say Agassi)
That meant that throughout the night there was games of tennis breaking out on the dancefloor
There was some mexican wrestler types too..
Some were scarier than others,
Then of course you have the people who came in ski suit/shell suit outfit, ready to move
Tuesday Evening was a great night, we joined the fray with Professor Green giving it some, and getting the people moving, with a few songs good for having a sing along and getting in the mood.
No fancy dress just Kingsnorth and Henry getting after it on the dancefloor
Then it was the turn of Mista Jam, and you couldnt believe his set.  Some Jungle, some drum and bass a good bit of dubstep, and played with the crowd all the way through, and kept everyone guessing including on one of Chase and Status tracks, just as everyone had been swinging their arms rready for the beat he shouts “STTTTTOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP” just playing he was….  Great stuff, make sure to check him out on Radio 1 and 1xtra!  I do believe you can listen to some of this week from here live on the radio.  To qoute Dan Crichton “he moves well for a big chap” oh yes he does,,,,
Then it was Magnetic Man, the dubstep supergroup with Benga, Skream and Artwork.  Following on from MistaJam was always going to be a task, as he was on fire, but they stepped up to the plate and hit it into Row Z along with their MC, who apparently on the flight over grabbed the onboard Mic thing and started giving everyone some beats.  Dan Crichton has a new hero.
Make sure to check out their new album, you probably heard a bunch of their stuff with Katy B which for the last song was Dubstep Karaoke…. Epic.  Hands in the air

Today is the onhill stuff going down, with Onboard for the highest Ollie, the waterslide and all kinds of other stuff so get up that hill!

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