Snowbombing Day 3 Street Party

by The Good Life on April 7, 2011 · 1 comment

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Every year the Snowbombing street party is an amazing day, blessed with great weather, amazing music and a whole host of the best fancy dress you have ever seen.

The theme for this year was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  So whilst being a pain in the royal ass for many, for the snowbombers, its a great idea for a party.  So to the royal wedding in Mayrhofen we had in attendance:-

Seems Prince William likes the Isenseven movies
The Queen was also in attendance obviously, and she seems to like the helgasons shred weapons, the Lobsters.
It seems that Lady Diana also made it for this one.  Big Arms mind.
There was a good few Scooby Doos in attendance too, I imagine the Corgis couldnt make it…
British Blokes being Geezers.

This is the Rock Taxi, a Volvo full with a mohawk.  Check out the Policeman looking in the window, like “what is this thing?”
There was a lot of amazing outfits, the stay puff man though was looking nastier than I saw for a while

 Of course in case of emergencies we needed the fire services there.  Putting out fires with beers

The Duke and Dutchess of Chertsey came straight from a Polo match

Mr Motivator was in stage getting every up and dancing like maniacs.

 The Omish people decided on a Royal wedding aswell.

You always need a Smurf just incase.
Someone from the 16th centry and a lady with flowers, not sure if she is a bridesmaid maybe….

 Emily West and Dangermouse in the place, Emily carrying round her BYO booze

The punk rockers on the green drinking some guiness
Charlie Sheen fresh from his show in the states live on stage made a quick appearance.
And DJ A. Skills was in charge for the last set of the night, and they rocked that place.
Another great day at snowbombing 2011

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