Snowbombing Day 4 Day and Night

by The Good Life on April 8, 2011

in Austria, Snowboarding

Thursday at Snowbombing as you saw in the previous post was all about good times on the hill, and amazing music at night.  Last night was easily one of the best live acts I ever saw, and aswell as being one of Britains best loved bands, we knew it was going to be amazing.  Chase and Status, who come from a drum and bass background, have got a live show which incorporates pretty much every music style going.  There was I think 3 guest vocalists, a full live band including the drum kit, which was taking up half the stage.  
There was a load of classics including Pieces, End Credits and some tracks of the new album No More Idols, which are so good.  That was honestly the best live act I ever saw and having all the crew there dancing together made it even better.  The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim have to step up to the plate tonight and see if they can better it!
So on the hill yesterday with the Annual Pro Am here which we came up with 3 years ago, was going strong.  1 pro rider and 1 snowbomber ride together and this is how it can look…
Thats right, thats mr jiggaflip himself dropping the signature trick for the first time in nearly 8 years!  Check the take off track, who says there is anything wrong with my technique…
So we trusted Eli, the builder legend himself, and mean machine behind the camera to take all pictures from today, and this is what he came back with 🙂

Me trying to MC about a naked man.  He won himself a good few quid mind.
This girl must have caught Elis attention.  Not sure why…. Must be the sunglasses right?
As the day wore on, Henry tried and tried to get a girl to drop into the water slide topless, and for the princely sum of 50 euros snowbombing got its wish, and even better than that, she dropped in on a huge duck.  Perfect.
So as you can see her Duck was veering a little off course as she dropped in….

Before you know it, Yep, she was in the drink!
We had one very excited crowd, getting into the mood after that.

See you all tonight for the Prodigy!  Thanks to Eli from Hot Zone for all the amazing pictures!!!

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