Snowbombing Day 5

by The Good Life on April 10, 2011

in Austria, Snowboarding

The last day of Snowbombing always means 4 things.
1) The final day of the Ride and Seek contest
2) A huge party on the hill, resulting in some chaos on the run back down to the penkan
3) The Eristoff Forest Party with a huge band, this year, The Prodigy
4) A big act to round out the week
This year was no different, and so this is a quick recap.  The opening picture gives a good idea of how the snowbombers like to get down up at the Grillhof Alm

 Peter König, always a favorite with the snowbombing crowd won all 3 events, the highest ollie, the Pro Am and on the final the Big Air as it were on the last jump, which he did with a double frontflip and a backside 9 off the sluhsiest jump ever.  He won some good cash money through the week, so good for him.

In order to make sure the Onboard Highest Ollie Contest was all in order Mr Tom Copsey was on hand to ensure fairplay was afoot.  Radler is a neccesary work aid.
 As every year me and Henry were in charge of duties on the hill, along with expert shot pourer Dan Mullins, fresh from the previous nights sweatfest at Chase and Status.
Henry screaming for more!
And getting it.

This girl was after the free Vodka “hey dan down here”
A couple of minutes later, she got the Vodka
Notice the girl lying on the floor underneath her, no idea…. She was having a good time though.
Then came the business of getting down the hill, there were some Kiwis up there, who had been drinking all day long, and at 4.15pm shouted over to me “hey mate, can you give us a hand, i cant do up me bindings, damn i cant even see the things actually” so we helped him along, and actually he managed to keep with it all night from there aswell.

 Then after a quick turnaround, came the run up to town to make it into The Prodigy in time as the place where they were playing was at the Eristoff Forest (otherwise known as the place next to the mini golf)
Its in the trees, and really amazing, as the closer you get when you walk over the hill, you hear the bass get louder and louder

Its almost like a shed kind of thing, but with Snowbombing investing the most money ever on a sound system including a full 30k more just on subs to get the bass loud enough for the Prodigy to agree to play, it was something to remember.
They played a whole heap of stuff off their new album invaders must die, which went down real well including Omen which had everyone rocking out, and then they dropped Firestarter, and had an amazing light show, which looked just like the Forest was on fire.
They rounded it out with Out of Space which always has an amazing effect on the crowd, and is a great way to end the show.  They are amazing live, and if you get the chance to see them, make sure to check them out, they still no how to rock it out like the best of them.  
Then it was a quick run down the road to get in the tennis club in time to beat the que.  We got in there, to see the end of Cuban Brothers, and then watch Kissy Sell Out, who is Rich Hookes favourite DJ, a lot of very heavy house, after a while though can get a bit much, but the crowd seemed into it, and the Essex boy seemed to do a good set, but after Prodigy we need a little drink break, so took it easy before getting rowdy for Fatboy Slim.
The crew from Snowbombing did an amazing job, and built him his own stage in the middle of the tennis hall, with two sets of decks so he could face all corners of the crowd.
They even made it snow at one point.

There was as everyday a lot of Fancy Dress going down.  A man in a babys body.
The light show they had was amazing, with this prism thing going down a treat.
Fatboy Slim did a great show, with a bit of Oasis wonderwall thrown in at one point, and a few other singalong intros mixing into the house.  He still wows the crowds and he must like Mayrhofen as thats his second year back here now.
So that was Snowbombing 2011, always great times, amazing music, and a great end to the season.  I know that so many of the people who came over learnt to Snowboard aswell, so thanks to snowbombing for growing snowboarding, and giving everyone an amazing week in the sun.  I have to say the best shows of the week where Chase and Status, The Prodigy, Pendulum, Mista Jam, Krafty Kuts, Fatboy Slim in that order… great stuff
Thank you to everyone for the fancy dress, the music and the good times.  See you next year!

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