Swansea City Vs Ipswich Match Review

by The Good Life on April 25, 2011

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We were in the Liberty today along with 16,000 Jacks singing away in the bright sunshine today to watch Swansea Vs Ipswich.
We had Cyril the Swan in our corner, and after his exploits a couple of years back is one of the most feared Mascots in the league.  He has been known to have fights with other Mascots, and so was on hand for the half time penalities and incase there was any trouble to get stuck into.
Then it was on for the game
The Swans started much the same as at Portsmouth a touch wobbly, but after 5 minutes, we got our foot on the ball, and got some lovely touches and we saw the Swans we all know and love.  With Stephan Dobbie playing again, the Swans always seem a lot more attacking minded, as he has his head up, ready to look for the through ball, or early shot as happened with the first goal on 9 minutes when Dobbies ball through was latched onto by Fabio Borini who dispatched, 1-0 Swans!
On Loan from Chelsea Borini could well be the second best signing of the year after Scott Sinclair, and has scored 6 goals in 7 games.  If we had him for the full 46 games, we would be higher up the league.
A few minutes later the ball fell to Luke Moore starting up front as the lone striker with Dobbie just behind, who hit one from 20 yards, and got our second, which was deserved as he played really well today, and could be another great option going into the Play Offs.
Once again though it was this guy Nathan Dyer who was leading the opposition a merry dance.  Honestly, he has come on so much this season, and nearly got a goal with a shot nearly taking the keepers hands off.
Along with Borini, Sinclair, Dobbie and on todays performance Luke Moore, the Swans now have some real ideas going forward and so the Play Offs will be an exciting time.  Although Play Off Finals tickets are priced between 36 pounds and 95 pounds.  I suppose the FA have to pay for it somehow.
We added a 3rd with a great bit of play from Dobbie and then a battling goal was scored by our Italian Chelsea import Borini.
Then In the second half with the Swans attacking our end, Leon Britton got brought down which Scott Sinclair quickly despatched for his 18th league goal of the season.    The final score was 4-1 and the Swans played the same as the great games of the season against Leeds, Forest and Norwich, keeping the ball, creating chances and really showing the football we are known for.
Huge pluses from todays game for Borini, Moore, Dobbie, Dyer and special mention to Leon Britton and Joe Allen the local hero, who ran the midfield and really just broke everything up and got us attacking quickly.
Couple of things which have changed through the years though.  Back in the day at the Vetch, it was come in, get your seat, listen to the bloke in the flat cap screaming about how useless some of our players are, and watch the match, shout a lot, and hope for a win, which in the 90s and early 2000s didnt come that often.  Since being in the championship and in the new Stadium, we have a lot more fans through the gate now, but many seem to just come as a day out.
I am as grateful as anyone as more people through the door, means more money for players etc, but some of them seem to come in, watch 20 minutes, go for a drink, come back, then 5 minutes before halftime go for chips, or 4 lots of chips like this bloke, then in the second half there were people leaving at 80mins gone.  Where do you have to go that Urgently on a bank holiday Monday, when the Swans are playing the best football for 20 years, are 4-1 up and its a joy to watch?  There is also a huge lack of singing at home games by the fans in the West and South stands, and I suppose on the back of the last post, thats why I prefer away games sometimes, as you know everyone there is there for the game, to sing, shout, chant, scream, and enjoy a day out at the football.
I imagine its the make up of Football in 2011 its more than just something for the die hards, its a day out the same as the Cinema, but just seems strange to pay 20 quid to then go back and forth to the burger bar throughout.
Anyways, that aside it must be said that was a great day in the sun, and a great result, the Swans are playing amazing football, and its great to see them when they are playing like this.
Who are we?


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