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by The Good Life on April 20, 2011

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So a little football for you all today, thought that many of you may have seen the game with Newcastle Man Utd last night where the ref did a great job of booking Chicarito for diving to try and win and penalty, and notice the player first to shout at the ref and tell him what he thinks, before man handling other players.
Here is wayne with a bit of a suntan, much like the suntan of this guy http://koenigpeter.blogspot.com/2011/04/right-in-time-for-easter-holiday.html
  That made me think, as he only just got back from a ban for swearing on camera so I thought I would have a quick look at his other best moments through the years, for all non Man Utd fans.
Of course the Elbow, which the ref did nothing about.  Alex Ferguson stills finds a chance to complain about refs at every opportunity still, despite the fact that his players foul, shout at refs, swear, kick, strop until they get their own way.

This was what he got banned for.  Nice chap as you can see.

Any for a kickabout with him? No. and No.

Thats right Rooney, you played terrible for England time and time again.  Have a go at the fans, its probably their fault.

Another Elbow? Yep.  Any action? Of course not.

This is a beauty.  This has the full karate kick, elbow the full 9 yards.

A little for the weekend?

The kick to someone who is on the floor already. Nice one mate.

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