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by The Good Life on May 29, 2011

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So on the back of a busy week, and limited access here, here are just a few bits and bobs to keep a Sunday morning easy.

Had to visit the office in Holland, to catch up with this guy with a fashion haircut, always good times with him.

Had a quick look at some history, the waffle shoe press where it all began back in the day…
Michael Jordan aka Jumpman.com aka 23 aka Brand Jordan and the Air Jordan 2.  Great to see all the great sporting moments of the past and how they shape where sport is today.  I remember always wanting Air Jordans, but the closest I got was some regular Nike shoes and feeling pretty cool, but then like 1 month later my school teacher rolled up in the same pair as me.  Lame. Gutted.  Uncool.


On the way back on a 7am flight this was the view from outside the Airport


There was a couple on the plane who were flying with their dog.  You could see the girl was super worried about her dog flying below deck, but you should have seen how happy they all were when the french baggage monsiers put him on the conveyer with the rest of the baggage.


Saw some stormy seas.  Tried surfing them.  Tried being the operative word.


We went for dinner with all Mareikes friends, a place called Chez Minut, so nice and the menu is perfect,


You can choose from Mussels, Shrimps or Sardines, nothing else.  Amazing, those guys know how to cook some seafood.


Then with the big game approaching we made our way to London.  There was another game on this weekend too, Man Utd vs Barcelona, and London knew all about it…


Nike Town London was looking top notch, well done to them all as the instore set up for the game looked amazing.
We also dropped in Topshop for “a quick look” in which time i managed to get hit on by a gay bloke selling womens shoes downstairs.  I only asked him for the time.


The message is buy.  Simple.  Buy.
We found a great spot for food just off Oxford Street, not been here before but ‘Leon’ is amazing, all organic food, super tasty and with the mrs strange conversion from pound to euro it seemed very cheap.


Then it was time to find a battle cruiser to watch Man Utd get taught a lesson by Barcelona.  They were the better side, but too many Man Utd players were/are average.


Gjermund Braaten the boss himself was sporting the Red and White of Utd.


On the back of a couple of heavy days of London Shopping and Fabric, Silje was catching up with the lady


and dropping in on cocktails.
More regular updates next week…  Off to Wembley tommorow!

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