Ah, a Gauda!

by The Good Life on May 5, 2011

in Austria

This weekend was the legendary Gauda Fest, so along with Mr Greenshields and CEO of the glove world, we jumped on the Zillertalbahn and headed for Zell am Ziller.
Gary Greenshields.  Before.


Gary Greenshields. After.
There is all kind of stuff going down including Hale Bale throwing, Gary was gonna have a go, but without his kilt and a bowl of Quaker Oats he didnt fancy taking on the South Tyroleans, who were drunken in charge of a pitch fork.


This guy was already well in the mood by our arrival at 3pm, but to be fair most people were looking in the mood by then.

The Gauderfest is one of the most famous beer shows in the world, going back hundreds of years, and to celebrate the Zillertal brewery make a special Gauderbock, which is 8 or 9%

The is bus loads of people from all across Germany, South Tyrol in Italy, and all the various regions of Austria.


The boys were in full swing.
There was so many good things to see including this grey haired Fred Astaire and his lady doing some waltzing…. So cute


These were the afternoon in the sun drinking partners.


These blokes were doing some kind of Conga/drunken dance, and thought, take the baby with them, why not, it was like a scene from that movie “the hangover”


In the evening everyone moves inside the Big Old Beer tent, and things get decidedly bleary much like this photo.


We just need to kit fixed up in Lederhosen for next years edition…
A good day out all round!

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