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by The Good Life on May 23, 2011 · 2 comments

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So the football season is nearly over, yesterday we all cheered on Blackpool who unfortunately couldnt beat Man Utd and got relegated, shame as we wanted Wigan to drop, but well Roberto Martinez lives to fight another day.  So this was how my fantasy league team looked at the end of the season.
Not bad, but not good enough to win the league, but a top3 finish means Champions League football for Jiggas Barmy Army for next season.
Looks like some work is needed on Nik Coultas, Uli Kohler and Giacommo Marguttis teams….
So inspired by the end of the season we took to the street for some extreme PIG action.
We had some of the worlds most average street fighters of the football world.  Pleasure Snowboard magazine were represented by Christian Bach, Friday MG were represented by Greg and Quirin, Jake Blauvelt was representing snowboarders everywhere, and I was doing it for Hasi, Gary and the rest of the TMs.


Blauvelt taking his punishment like a man.  He probably came off the worst in the game.  There are rumours circulating FIFA of matchfixing in the rue des sables, as the friday crew seemed to be dodging bullets for each other.


This street is perfect for Pig i tell you.
We also went for a quick surf.  Well by surf I mean Quirin and Christian surfed, and I paddled, paddled, paddled, tried for a couple of waves, paddled some more and realised i need some more arm power to get this going.
This was our photography team down by the beach.


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