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by The Good Life on June 30, 2011

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Welcome back to The Good Life.  After 2 years of the same layout, we felt it was about time for an update, so we tried to add some things, freshen it up,  and at the same time make it a lot easier to see whats whats going on.

I will be trying to put the hipstamatic to bed, and improve the picture quality, and showing a little more from the various places and people that stumble by the goodlife.

So with this in mind, I decided to keep back a few of the best pictures from the Surftrip with the crew, so they are bigger (and when you click on them they are yet bigger – mum, dad that feature is for you….)

What else is there to say about the Maldives?  Well if you like Surfing, Fishing, Sunbathing or Snorkelling head there.  It’s a 10 flight from London, unless like me you a 48 trip via Holland, Belgium, Doha and Frankfurt.  Yep, it sucked.  These shots are from the only visit to an island during our 8 day trip, which happened to be one of the most Colourful islands I have ever seen.

This is the Maldives football team, doing their thing.  They had a pretty good game going on in the street, almost 3 against 1 but looked fun.

Maybe the next Pele will come out of one of these islands.

These two were in a garden which had a load of parrots, and were running around in the sun without a care in the world.  The big brother seemed keen on scaring his sister

We also had a guide for our trip to one of the islands, who provided us an umbrella for Jenny.  This was his younger sister just checking out the street life and assembled media with our cameras and iphone apps.

Cokes Most Wanted.

These are the two ladies who were on our boatrip, Jenny Jones and Aimee Fuller, some of the best snowboarders and surfers around.  They had to get decked out in the headwear as it’s a muslim country, and so they missed out on a few minutes of tanning, but they fitted in well, and I think may have caused some local hearts to start beating a bit quicker.

The girls did so good surfing, Jenny looks like a pro, and must be getting ready for boardmasters in newquay already.  Aimee did so well on the trip too, getting smashed around the first few days on the reef and in the waves, but kept going and by the end, she was on fire, and showing the rest of us the best zones to surf.

The Island we visited must be one of the most colourful painted places on earth.

This is Tom Eldridge getting some downtime in between being amazing at surfing, which was a daily occurrence for him…

Ah Henry.  You probably have met Henry once here or there.  At a bar, on the hill, shouting at an event, being loud, being quiet, hiking, having a good time, that’s Henry.

Check his expression on catching a blow fish.  Nicht so geil.  He had caught some Coral about 10 minutes earlier, so his “I will eat it if I catch it” wasn’t running too good, as this fish is bad news according to the crew.  Gary, nursing his ribs in the background while Ross “fisherman” looks on at the chaos.

This is the birthday man himself.  Mr Ruperelia, had some amazing times with this guy through the years, a proper legend, amazing friend and funnyman to boot.  Happy 30th Big Man.  Thats the crew….

That’s it the first update from the new goodlife, hope you enjoyed it, spread the word below, and keep on checking here for various banter through the Summer.

I will keep trying to take pictures, and not have too many rants at Ryanair in the coming months.  I have to say a big thank you to Nik Cooultas who has done all the work on the blog, if you wanna check his very talented son Rowan snowboarding, check out great young shredder there….  Thank you also to Edwin from Clearwater Travel for all his help organising the trip.

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