by The Good Life on June 29, 2011

in France

France has seen some amazing weather as has much of Europe over the last week, meaning the waves have calmed down a bit, and this is what we found the other day at the beach.  Amazing fun on a regular beachbreak.

Ever been to a naked beach?  Go 500m up and it becomes a naked gay beach.

We met up with this crew down in the woods.  Rolling on Minis, and riding Channel Islands, its the Burton Team crew complete with Adam Moran, Sani, Dalton and a good few team riders for good measure…

Moran riding a board longer than the mini.

After all the hot weather there was definitely a storm brewing, which came a few minutes after we got out the water, and sent long haired hippies running out the water and back to their vans.

As I say, its been warm, especially in a black wagon like mine.

Sani and Mu.  Modelling and laughing at people taking pictures for blogs.

There doesnt seem to be a hosepipe ban rocking france, as we had this thing next door going for days…..

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