Maldives Again

by The Good Life on June 24, 2011

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Onboard our ship, we didnt have much internet, well there was but Aimee Fuller was busy keeping her 797 twitter followers updated 24/7 about things, so the blog was limited, but looks like it has been updated anyways.
This was our boat, such a sweet ride, with suntan deck, bar, and a whole host of stuff to jump off into the water.  Many stories of that to come.  We had some syncronised diving going one.  As you can see Jenny Jones is somewhat more graceful than Aimee.
This was the mini boat, with the suncream zinc being liberally used


The boat would drop us at the break, and then boom.  Flying salmon onto the board.


And before your know it your in the waves.  This is Henry giving it some downward dog yoga pose it looks like.


The dreamteam.


We managed to get air in that little boat a good few times aswell, giving the majority of us over 30 some serious lower backpain.


We went fishing a good few times, and after the first two sessions, it looked like Aimee was gonna be the winner of the week.  She caught 4 one evening when we went out in the little boat.


But then with some last minute action, I caught up and got my haul up to 10 fish, including the biggest of the week.  Caught using a piece of line wrapped round a water bottle.


Thats how the fish met his maker.  Delicious.
Henry was determined to catch some squid, so probably the funniest 5 minutes of my life ever unfolded one night on the lower deck of the ship.
Henry was throwing out a lure for squid for a good half an hour trying to entice the thing towards it to no avail, and then all of a sudden he hooks it on, but as he does the squid starts pissing ink everywhere direct at Henry and the back of the boat.  No amount of ink can put henry off the trail and he pulls it in despite it looking like a oil spill has gone down on the boat, and given henry some new tattoos.  Genius.


One of the sunsets.
Have a fun more to come from the Maldives, then normal service will be resumed…

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