Maldives Bitte!

by The Good Life on June 12, 2011

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Day One.  Henry Jackson is on fire,

Pretty amazing place have to say.  Some great waves, good food, and some wildlife..


You know the deal by now, with the shots from the plane running into Maldives.
The way down to our crib.

You have to take boats everywhere here. Gary just dropped in and bought the crew one.  Makes life easier.


The boys back together.  Henry and Mark the two latest people to claim Jay Zs “30s the new 20”


That says it all, half of Mayrhofen and friends chipped in to get General Jackson over to the Maldives for this trip.


Mr Greenshields is in town.  Facebook profile shot I guess soon enough Gary?
Thats the view from the bar overlooking the break..


On the other side of the island (500m) away there is this lagoon place which has all kinds of fish and rays swimming about. Already been in there for a cruise around.


This unidentified Red Jungle Juice is getting well used on our various cuts from the reef.


5.30am.  2 minutes before the general was at the door shouting “time to go” no arguments when it looks like that out of the door to our house.


Henry shredding it up, wave of the day yesterday, scoring a 8.1 from the gathered beer drinkers.
Internet isnt top speed here so pictures maybe limited.

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