Maldives End of the ship

by The Good Life on June 27, 2011

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So this is one of the last updates from the Maldives.
We had a couple of days of bad weather at the end of the week, some real storms came through rocking the local fisherman.
One day is was Gaz one of the guys working on the boat, had his 24th birthday, so we had to throw him off the boat 24 times.

It quickly turned into a food fight with Curry getting thrown in the air.
More boat business from the local fisherman.
Another sunset.
Product getting packed up to go home.
We had the man Ruperelia with his camera in tow for the week, so going to post up a few pictures from the surf side of things.
The girls must have taken about 3000 pictures with my camera.  Various poses, each one Fuller looking like she just fell to earth in various forms.

Boobs.  Found these on the camera.  Sorry girls, but you put it on the camera it goes on the blog.
The last night we had some serious Kings on the boat including “drink or jump” as one of the new rounds in the game resulted in some wet people.
Henry was the quiz master well king master lets call it that.  But you get the idea.  Fast drinks, smiling henry, a fast game is a good game.
Thank you all for an amazing trip, congrats to Mark and Henry for their birthdays!

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