Maldives Numero Quattro

by The Good Life on June 16, 2011

in Holiday

We jumped on the GTM cruiser yesterday for our boat trip.  Complete with sun decks, spare mini boat, fishing stuff, and an amazing crew, who I already owe all a beer.  Amazing boat with Air Con, great food, and enough places for sunbathing…
We did a spot of surfing this morning, then Jenny and Aimee took to catching our lunch.
Jenny with the catch of the day….


We hit up a couple of spots, Sultans, Honkys and Jailbreak.  I waxed up the new whip and moved from boatlike Biscuit onto a motorboat.


Mark and Henry very happy on the boat ride back to the big boat, after the longest left either of them ever saw…


Rupo doing his “backflip” a bit like Michel Jordan upside down…


The boardrack keeping the whips in place.


Fuller doing her best as the DJ up on the maindeck.


Guess the muscles behind Jenny?  Michael Jordan in the building again.
I had a bet with the guys that if I snapped his fishing line it would be beers for the crew.  A couple of seconds later after arguing that I was pulling in a shark, the thing snapped.  Must have been a big shark..


We also saw these little beauties swimming by today too….

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