Maldives Part Deux

by The Good Life on June 14, 2011 · 1 comment

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We each have our own little house between 2 of us for the first few days, getting on the boat tommorow.  This is the residence a Greenshields and Weaver.  Big pimping block no. 223.


The Trees seem to be pretty wild on this island, each one of bascially made up of hundreds of smaller trees all intertwinned to make one big one.
This is Henry after 4 surfs, 4 beers, 3 big dinners, and a good day.  He has been the boss at getting us up.  Daily wake up calls at 5am to surf as the sun comes up.


I found this little nemo guy swimming around last night on the reef lagoon area outside our house.


This is the lagoon reef behind our place, so nice, and that water is full of rays, crabs, fishes, and we have even seen a few sharks.  I had a baby shark riding in on the same wave as me yesterday, Henry saw it he says.  Not sure whats more suprising a shark being in the wave, or me catching a wave.


Black and white a little bit of red.

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