Maldives – The Band is together

by The Good Life on June 25, 2011

in Holiday

On the back of us being world champions of Kareoke at the Lohis resort in the maldives, everyone got pretty into growing their barnets out.
“Give me a Rennie!” Jersey Shore
Gary is one of the few people able to make long blond hair and a black mustache work together.


Jason Horton.  Jason David Himself.


Dazed and Confused
Tom Eldridge


The middle deck where some serious sunbathing went down.
Some of the boats are painted up so nicely in the maldives, you will see more of them later…


Tilt shift or miniature effect all the way.


Aimee getting some well needed rest in between surfs.
Another sunset.


Only made better by mr Jackson, who is know a lennox local in australia, and is switching allegiances quicker than Tom West switches football teams.



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