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by The Good Life on June 1, 2011

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As you will have seen from many TV, Radio and Newspaper articles, my beloved Swansea are now in the Premier League.  Next season we will be facing Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham amoungst others.  Its quite a thought as honestly 8 years ago being at the game which nearly saw us go out of the football league, none of us thought this day would come.  Just to note, Alan Tate and Leon Britton who played on Monday, where playing in that game 8 years ago.  Legends the both of them.
A day out at Wembley is honestly like nothing else, and anyone who tells me “football is a stupid game, I dont get it” if you come to a game like this, you would see why millions of people devote so much time to the beautiful game.
For anyone who has been watching Champions League this season, the play off final was a refreshing change back to “real” football.  No diving, no cheating, no play acting just two teams who want to win a game so much you can see what it means to each player and their fans.
At the Champions League Final there was 90,000 people, but only 45,000 of those were “fans” supporting either team, the rest was corporate people, who just go because they can.  At this game, it was 45,000 swansea fans, and 41,000 Reading fans, and a very dignitarys.  Thats how to create an atmosphere….
Since the rebuild of Wembley, it still boasts Wembley way, which is amazing to see thousands of loyal fans lining up to get in the stadium.
We were 6 deep in the Jacks in Exiles team all bringing our flags, shirts, caps and best voices for singing our hearts out all day long.
You will have probably heard a lot about the game, but we all know now that the Swans won 4-2.  We were 3-0 up at halftime thanks to Scott Sinclair and Steven Dobbie, but we gave ourselves heart attacks by conceding two goals in the second half and we were biting nails, sitting on the edge of the seat but still trying to sing and back the boys.  Then the biggest Jack of All Alan Tate runs through, sets up Scott Sinclair, who steps up…… and booooooom   GOAL!!!!! We all went wild and I was off down to the pitch, the shirt came off, people were hugging, screaming, going wild as we were 4-2 up with only 15 minutes to go…
You can see what it means to the two blokes infront of Dad.  You can see some ape looking bloke running about too.
At the final whistle it was a case of almost not knowing whether to laugh or cry as after watching some extremely average lower league football for the last twenty years, we had finally made it to the premier league!  We are proud of everyone of the players, and a special note must go to them for the special T Shirts for Besian Idrizaj, our Austrian striker who died last summer of a heart attack who couldnt be with us to share the day.

Brendan Rodgers.  Give him the keys to the city.

Being the goodlife, a post without women wouldnt be complete, so here is one of the South Wales finest doing her sprint across the turf at the end, complete in dancing pumps.  she nearly went over like Ronaldo a good few times at the end….

So there we have it, the Swans are up, the football season is over, and now we can all relax for a few months and enjoy Summer.  Now one thing left Fabio Borini, please sign full time with us.


Thank you for one of the best days in football ever.

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