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With it being quite a week for my Dad, what with Swansea going to the premier league and all I thought I would let him have Saturdays update, seeing as there is no football for the next 3 months.
He is a keen aviation enthusiast, and so last week took himself up the valleys of Wales for a week of hiking, sitting in the sun, enjoy the welshness of it all and taking pictures of planes.  Some pretty decent results I would say…
“The area in Wales has a number of valleys so they fly low level – where we were there is a range of mountains with valleys all round so when they flew past us they banked left and in 3 minutes re-appeared after having gone right round in a sort of circle”


When I was young this was always my favourite, the Hercules, a big old plane, used for transport, but as you can see on this one, its a special edition gunship…

“The C130 Hercules is part of the USAF Special Forces Group – a bit of the heavy brigade I think – all a bit secretive” PW


This is one of the Hawks.


If you look closely the bloke in the back is actually waving to him with his pretty sweet white gloves..
Turn and Burn


F16 on the fly by, again the pilots just having a look this way….
“The F16 as annotated is actually an F15 based in Lakenheath which is a large USAF base in Suffolk. It can fly at 1,650mph with a climb rate of 50,000 per minute.” PW


“This is the Typhoon they cost about £100M each – the one in the photo has a woman pilot – Squadron Leader Meikle – it is written on it.  It has a max speed of 1550mph and can climb at 62,000 feet per minute – yes 62,000 feet in a minute hold on to your breakfasts there I think.” Peter Weaver
Then the boss of them all, the Tornado, this is really the one you want on your side if its kicking off.


Great photos there, all shot from cliffs above looking down on the RAF and Americans testing out their planes..


Have a nice Saturday here is some classic top gun for you


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