Travel Day

by The Good Life on June 10, 2011

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For some reason I managed to book one of the most screwed up travel schedules ever for the Birthday trip of Rupo and Henry to the Maldives.
It went like this.
2am.  Drive from Hossegor to Bordeuax. (didnt sleep)
4am. Try and check in.  5am Air France staff start work.
6am. Fly to Amsterdam.
9am. Take the train to Brussels.  I know.
1pm.  Finally get there.  Carry handle breaks on bag.
4pm. Fly from Brussels to Doha.
11pm. Arrive in Doha.  Waiting for conncetion.
The pictures make for a much nice sight than that schedule.
Not much popping off at 4am.
Then the frenchies come to work at 5am, and everyone nearly misses their flight.  Genius.
Got this new bag to carry the surfboards.  So far so good. Fingers, arms, legs crossed the boards arrive in one piece and on time.
Was having a heart attack at this point as I couldnt see my bag coming off the plane….
Amsterdam.  Full of KLM.
and Flowers.
Foumd this pretty striking
Child with Red Ballon.  98 to go.
Brussels underground.  A few french influences, nice place though.
Belgium Waffles.
So thats the day of travel, going to see what other pictures we can find now…

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