by The Good Life on June 24, 2011

in Holiday

This is some real 20,000 leagues under the sea business here featuring Admirals Greenshields and Ruperelia.
All comments greatfully appreciated, as I know these two look like heartthrobs right here with their fins and set ups ready to break some hearts.
They found this parrot fish.


Extra sunboon for the boys.


The General Jackson was also in the mix.


Some Coral and a whole host of fishes just headed to the shops and for a saturady in the sun when we turn up cameras, flippers and all.
I am not sure what this fish was but I know it had a spear shaped thing on its forehead, and looked scary enough for me not to argue with.
Then two of them crept up on me….
The lesser spotted Greenshields doing his thing.  James Bond at the ready.

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