Vernon Deck

by The Good Life on June 7, 2011

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Good Morning World.
If you want to check out some amazing pictures, stories and stolen moments from one of the leading lights of Photography, head over to this guys blog

Vernon Deck has some amazing stuff on his site where you can check out his work with Volcom, his travels, his times in Norway, where he more often than not seems to find cute Norweigan women to take nicely lit pictures of.  Check out his Norway roadtrip, and his blog, which updated most days, and always captures the moment really nicely.  No hipstamatics on his blog.  I tell you, its dissappearing from mine soon, just need to hold a ceremony for the app and delete it.
His work has taken a big upturn since he started shooting with half decent snowboarders, as back in the day, he had me in front of his lens, which shows the skill of the man if he can even get my rastafari head in a magazine.
Thanks Vernon for getting things going for me back in the day.


Thats a cab 7 of the toes bitches.  Nose Grab.  Try that.
So double repeat, check out

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