Cash for Tricks

by The Good Life on July 15, 2011

in Surfing

Today saw the second stop on the Nike 6.0 Cash for Tricks series of the year after the first one in Newquay a couple of weeks back.  Fair play to the UK crew as they got it up on sky sports, good stuff.

The Seignosse affair, had a lot of surfers, some good waves, and it was pretty much Bronze’heure most of the day.

Everyones favourite German son, Marlon Lipke, all round nice guy, and great surfer, throwing it fins in the air.

Le Cazernes was were it was all going down, with many of Europes best surfers including Marc Lacomare, last years winner Joan Duru, Charly Martin, pictured below, Nico Von Rup, Marlon and of course the TM crew who paddled out for our own heat at lunch with the legendary Franky Moissoner.

So cash for tricks, a pretty fun format, we wanna see the best tricks, progression, and just something a bit different to the norm.  This is how the scoring works ok?

So how does that look?  A bit like this really, Marlon chucking it up in the air whilst Charly gets caught for interference…

Charly Martin going for an air reverse.  Make sure to check out the video blog from Charly, Marc and the rest of their crew

It was a tough schedule for some being at the beach by 9am.

Dave Mailman pretty much runs Surf events when it comes to Announcing.  Might have to do some high money transfer to the banterbox crew soon enough.

Nico Von Rup cruising in the 6.0 wetsuits… the germans just repping on the beach.  They probably put their towels on the beach at 6am to make sure they got the spot down front on the beach, and on the pool aswell…

The lady was there, getting ready for tomorrow and the opening of the Roundhouse.  Make sure to get down there and check it out, there is an insane skatepark, pool, surf repair place, and a whole bunch more, thats gonna be some serious blogging happening there…

Meanwhile down in Biarritz, Carissa Moore just became the youngest Womens World Champion ever!  Congrats!  if you wanna see more of her check this video!  Such a sick video, and the “just cant get enough” reminds me that the football season starts 4 weeks tommorow!  Swansea away to Man City.  I cant wait!  Congrats Carissa!

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