De Maria Cup

by The Good Life on July 27, 2011

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France is famous for many things.  Cheese, Wine, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Shops called 8 till 8 (which dont actually open till 9 and close at lunch), great food, and some beautiful beaches and mountains.  France is also famous for Mr Florent De Maria, one of the OGs of French Football alongside Eric Cantona, Arsene Wenger and Patrick Viera.

Therefore for his birthday, there was only one thing for it.  A 5 a side, (well 4 a side until extra people turned up) in the indoor in Biarritz one of the best pitches i ever saw for small games.  Lene had bought shirts, picked teams, elected a ref, and brought half time beers and wine.  Axel Pauporte was even playing so I got a bit star struck as back in the day his boards with A* Boards were one of the boards I wanted most along with David Vincents Mushroom board.

With Ronaldo, Cantona and Ronaldino watching it was always going to be a big game.

My pictures from the game are terrible, so i need some action photography help, anyone willing, just sign in below, but this shows you Gary in full tilt in goal, throwing his life on the line for the cause.

The white team won, with Recha as captain, although it must be said my team won our 3 group of death games, and in the final we were winning 2-1 but then I sustained a serious ankle injury (rolled it) which meant I had to get subbed.  There was a hefty challenge from a german which meant I went off, and we lost the game.  Shabby.

Anyways it was a great game and such a good way to celebrate Florents Birthday.  As outside it was raining still.

The post match press conference took place at their place.  News of the World werent allowed in.  Sky Sports and Canal + covered it although the managers were embelishing the truth slightly about the game.  Alex Ferguson would have been proud.

Recha giving Mareike the play by play of how she inspired her team to winning the inaugaural De Maria cup.

Quiksilvers George Clooney was playing and got pretty heated in a couple of games.  After a quick shower he was back for a quick cup of something to take the edge off.  Seriously I am taking this guys wedding photos as he looks good in every shot.

For Florents birthday, Steve Jobs even turned up and gave him an Ipad.

and some good champagne.

Meanwhile outside.  You get the picture.  Still raining.

Talking of Axel and his board, i found his website, which has all his board graphics, which i was all over 10 years ago

I found this aswell about French football and maybe this should be Florents present next year…

On the subject of football, we are putting together our league so we need a few more people in there, please sign up at and enter this number to join the league 95642-33991

Happy Birthday Florent!

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