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So this week, we have had some serious entertainment from a couple of Youtube clips.  Basically about fashion, which we get to down this post, but make sure to read on…  So lets start in the 1970s with some fashion.  Nike big in the game in skate back then too it seems…Farrah Fawcett living real big on the old skateboardstick.

So from the 1970s, we head to the 1980s, and these likely lads, and their fashion.

Doc Martens boots, denim and braces are a big look if your a skinhead.

Of course if your a football fan the 80s was the era of sportswear first hitting the streets.  Foreign sportswear with such fancy stuff as “le cog sportif” and something called Addidasler from ze germans.  It was common for british fans to go abroad and rob the local shops, so they could come home in some sportswear you couldnt find round your manor.

By this point fashion was moving towards Manchester it seemed, and Liam Gallagher was doing his best to be the boss of 90s mod fashion.  Sideburns and dreams, thats all a man needs, oh and a bit of an attitude and a brother to get in some Barney Rubble with.

As well as being one of the golden eras from British music, the 90s also had some pretty specific idealogies which

 is enjoying a revival in a city in the states right now.  Watch this, and I know its where Nike is based, its a beautiful city, but you got to laugh at this,…

So moving from 90s, t0 2000s I typed in “2000-2010 fashion” and it came up with these lads.  Italians.  Now Italians know a good bit of fashion, ask Giacomo Margutti from Snowboardmag Italy, he looks like an Italian james bond every time you see him, but something seems to happen to Italian teenage boys, which a man couldnt pass up in posting on here.  You probably seen them on exchange trips to canterbury or eastbourne.  A bit chavvy looking, but being italian it looks even stranger.

So after that, I typed in 2011 fashion, and this chica came up.  Complete with clear sunglasses.  You know the video we are looking at.

So what Video were we looking at?  This genius one.  Have a watch and learn.  You have probably seen it already

So it seems fashion these days is sailor tattoos and mustaches.  Well thats what the video told me.  So I thought i should I typed in hipsters  as they seem to be cool right now.  This is what came up…..

Now chaps.  Whilst your thinking your up to the beat and living on the edge, if you wanted to be ahead of the curve, you should have seen Joonas Mustonen back 5 years ago…

Joonas is a legend anyway you look at it, this was his style years back, black mustache, blond hair, steaming drunk, having a whale of a time.  Love it.

Then now everyone is trying to get themselves tattoos these days.  Like this mug below.

Now for a real tattoo you should have checked out Halldor, now thats a real mans tattoo.  No messing there.  Hipsters get these done on your fingers….
Then after that tattoo, it was time for the real deal in tattoos, Lil Wayne, dedicated to KevinBackstrom as I know he is his idol and i qoute Kevin “if i could be black, i would be Lil Wayne”

So there we go.  Some Fashion, snowboarders, some rappers, some football and a couple of videos, what else could you ask for.

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