Indoor Tour Komen and Laandgraf

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After Ghent we jumped in the van of dreams, well it actually smelt pretty bad of Halldors boots, two dead bananas on the floor, and had a strange smell which must have come from Johannes.  We headed for Komen for their indoor spot, which is one of the best we have been too.  So many good riders there including a girl doing frontboards and hardway back tails on a double kink.  Seriously good.  Above Halldor dropping some ridiculous steeze on the double kink.

Sorry about this picture, thats about as close to a good shot I got of jamie, he was doing so many different tricks its hard to even work out whats coming next.  Probably some kind of spin on spin off chaos.  Too much for me.  What happened to a frontboard getting you paid?

We had the cleaner half of the Helgasons with us for the visit too, he got some bangers too.  Real name Eirikur.  Snowboard name Eiki.  Ridiculous snowboarder any name you give him.

Jamie and Halldor dropping in on some Pancakes, Bannana, chocolate Combo deal.

The next day we headed for the skatepark in Hasselt, Belgium.  Some banging skating got thrown down whilst the street hustlers made their own cigarettes on the sidelines.

Pretty sick to see so many kids out there filming each other getting their tricks down.  Maybe filming for The Chosen

We had Halldor, Jan and Jamie showing the locals whats going down.

Jan Scherrer tailslide.  If you havent seen him skate, we need to find some footage of him this week.

Funny thing is he is way better on a skateboard than a snowboard on rails.

Halldor set about trying to frontboard this monster rail.

If you can boardslide double kinks on a skateboard, no wonder he makes snowboarding look so easy.

Jan Scherrer backside 180 kickflip

Halldor melon.  Filmers arse.
That evening it was off too Laandgraf, a pretty huge indoor with a chairlift, and a fulltime park.

There is a good local crew including Jesse Augustinus and Ricky Martens, nice guy and great shredder, check his shot below, sorry its not better buddy.
At Laandgraf there was a lot of people waiting, including this guy, who rolled in with a backpack of beers and was “hey halldor, i brought a beer for you and one for me, so we can have a beer together.  Us having a drink, me and the legend Halldor” so you can see how happy he is.  He even called his mum to tell her.  Good work soldier.
Thanks to all the riders we met along the way in Belgium and Holland, there is an edit coming later this week!  Keep your eyes out.

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