Indoor Tour Terneuzen and Ghent

by The Good Life on July 5, 2011

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This weekend, after the meeting at Nike, we took the team on the road for a few days, for some indoor riding, in Terneuzen, Komen and Laandgraf.  That meant a whole heap of driving, snowboarding, skateboarding, some more driving, and good times.  We stayed in Ghent for a couple of days which is were some real Belgium legends are living, so it was a good spot for my birthday weekend.

The morning in Amsterdam, after a party for the Damn Am, looked something like this.  Try organising that lot into a mini van.  Like a japanese paper artist I tell you.

You ever wondered what makes Halldor Helgason one of the best snowboarders around?  Yep, its his ability to sleep day and night, with his eyes open.  Always keeping an eye on whats about to pop off.

Silje and Jan made better work of the drive, which is pretty good after the Sing Along game which went down the night before.

So down to business.  Cue the paparazzi who were suitably dressed for an indoor of minus 4 degrees.  Well the belgium half were ready.  The Swedish half, weren’t ready for the summer Arctic conditions.

If you havent been riding with Jamie Nicholls recently, just watch and chuckle about how ridiculously good he is.  No messing, the whole indoor would pretty much stop when he dropped in, and thats saying something Halldor was there aswell, but yeah lets just say he was on fire, and got a trick for a video edit which is legit.

Halldor was onfire and getting the kids super hyped with his riding

Silje was there getting some signing done.

This kid on the right below was so stoked on meeting Halldor it was crazy.  He was also pretty hyped on meeting Silje, and his exact words were….

“shall I ask her for her phone number? I wonder if many people ask her for her phone number, maybe i have a chance to get it”

Yeah.  I guess thats the first time someone asked for her phone number ha ha unfortunately he didnt get the number but good try…

Thats the whole crew we met and shredded with.,…. Nice bunch of riders, and some amazing tricks in there!

That night it was my birthday, so lets just say i felt a bit like this bloke the next day.

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