Leave a Message Premier

by The Good Life on July 23, 2011

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This week hot on the heels of the opening, the Roundhouse saw the premier in Europe of the Nike 6.0 Surf movie, Leave a Message, featuring the girls on the team.  We had some challenging weather, but in the end, it was a nice day with some skating going down outside, some good food and the girls from the team in attendance for all to meet.

They have a pretty sweet Nike SB area in the house too.  If I could skate some, I would be dropping in on the P.Rod.

The girls from the movie, Carissa, Coco Ho, Laura Enever and Monyca alongside a future superstar surfer watching and loving it.

I managed to make myself look a bit dumb, well a bit of a geek really.  On meeting Coco Ho I walked up to her, and said “oh hi, I’m Coco Ho” opps.  She giggled, I blushed, and well at least it broke the ice.

On the back of the video posted the other day, all the branding around Carissa is on “take the time to”.  And yes, she wins.There was supposed to be some pictures from the Sounds in Biarritz, but I managed to leave them on the other computer.

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