Lunch – Pesto

by The Good Life on July 9, 2011

in The Good Stuff

As a snowboarder doing seasons living on Food provided by chalet companies, and then “pasta with red sauce” the staple diet of many snowboarders, one of the greatest things I ever learnt was the ability to cook.  Your healthier, feel better, and it actually tastes half decent.  Inspired by Nick Baines, good friend and boss over at I took a few pictures of lunch today.  Home made Pesto.

Get some decent Parmazan Chesse

and some good garlic

Some Pinenuts and some oil, mix it up, Salt and Pepper, and then away you go.  Super tasty, just remember chewing gum if your meeting ladies after lunch as the garlic is pretty strong.

Meanwhile next door we saw this Kitten, just tucking into some water… Loving it, such a cutey…

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