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Bikes.  Every dutch post is including bikes.  Millions of the two wheelers.

We had the end of year presentation this week at the Nike European Headquarters.  We had a good few of the team down for it, answering questions, meeting the staff, skating, shopping and playing a pretty serious golf game.

Mr Helgason himself dropped in to check out the summertime.

Of course wherever Halldor goes, this legend goes too.  Ronaldo, Federrer, Roony, Brenning.  Legends.

The crew getting it done on stage.  Gerome “i am riding in ze backcountry wiz ze friends et cameraman”

When the camera guys look this good, its tough for the riders to keep up.

People will say all kinds of stuff about Nike, some good some bad, but you cant argue with facts.  They help more people, do sport, which improves lives.  This is 3 parts of Nike betterworld, including giving 1.3m dollars to LA based schools to maintain Physical education, and setting up a fund to promote it with other companies.  1m dollars towards Red and HIV awareness programs in Africa and in total 3million people directly felt the impact of the various programs.  Thats growing daily.

It was like Wimbledon on the lawn outside

Silje probably made half the campus fall in love with her.  Daily Occurence it seems for her.

I hosted a golf contest for employees against this badboy.

The good people at Nike even built a mini ramp for our visit.

And Johannes finally got his pro model T shirt and sweatband combo.  the back of the T shirt says “and dangerous” his exact lifestyle commitment.

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