Nike Roundhouse 2nd Edition

by The Good Life on July 17, 2011

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Its back again for Summer, The Nike Roundhouse, just changed location and switched up the business going down inside.  Now down in Anglet, right on the beach, its close to the waves, got a pool, and a pretty insane skatepark.

As a refurbished nightclub, there is a Nike SB area, a video editing area for getting your Chosen videos done, and this for watching movies, plus of course the Nike ID studio.One of the rooms inside.  Bring sunscreen, that place is hot by the pool.

There is a load of the boards from the team on the walls, so you can see the artwork there rocking, I need to get some going on my boards, or maybe you need to be semi decent at surfing for that, so thats me out, but lets see.  I need to get a picture of Julian Wilsons board, which his mum paints for him, which look amazing.

The Ladies are on fire.  If you havent seen Leave a Message grab a copy here Leave a Message  Carissa crushes it in the ender part.

The skatepark will get some abuse this summer, a perfect set up, with stair sets and rails, and tons of lines through the park.  I will be watching from the blow ups in the pool.  Last years house was more image focused, this is definitely more about Action, with the amazing skatepark, waves about 100m away and the editing studios etc

This kid, must haver been 12 and was loving it, frontlip on the down bar.
I also dropped by Biarritz, for all of 10 minutes in the day.  Busy isnt the word on that beach.

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