by The Good Life on July 30, 2011

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I had to go and pick up a wetsuit for a friend in San Sebastian down in Spain this week from Patagonia.  I know Patagoina, from the mountaineering stuff, and seeing a lot of people doing the kletterstieg in mayrhofen.  It gives you the impression its a) quality and b) expensive.  So hitting their flagship store it was interesting to see that their shop really gives you an insight into the brand, and also shows you how deep into surf they are going.  Take a peek at their wetsuits….

Thats the inside of them.  Cosy and warm I would say, but it means that in winter you dont need the extra thick suits as these are decked out with wool inside, so you can extra warm, and it traps warm air between your skin and the suit.  Somone had his thinking cap on.

They also are selling boards their, shaped by the son of the guy who started Patagonia.  You can definitely see they are headed into the surf market with good intentions to make good product, which tech heads will be searching out especially for those cold winter months.

Thats the view out front of the store, so no wonder they are into surfing down there.

Meanwhile back up in Anglet the roundhouse had their first cash for tricks session in the skatepark, with an amazing level, and tons of kids getting involved.  If you cant switch front board a hand rail, your getting no-where in this event.  Boom.  Only thing they are missing is a mini ramp for the old champs amongst us.

Outside there was a crew of Brazilians doing some fighting/dancing/flipping in the street banging drums and singing… Pretty sweet moves, I bet the premier league footballers wish they could do this after scoring a goal.

The Doggpound looking on

Grabbed some lunch and found this dog just poking his nose in to see whats possible for a bit of lunch

Did some early morning surfs too, this was 5.45am waiting for greenshields dodging the drunkies from the fete de bayonne..

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