Roundhouse Opening Party – The Black Lips

by The Good Life on July 20, 2011

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Monday Night it was all roads to Anglet for the opening of the Roundhouse, down by the beach complete with skatepark, swimming pool, the black lips, naked people and a couple of frenchies have a bit of a ruck. A good night out.

The highlight of the evening was the Black Lips from Atlanta playing for the assembled masses.  Free entry, free booze, free food, it normally means one thing – a lot of people.  They played a cracking show, trying to get the kids to battle security and get on stage was a highlight, and the girl who left her boyfriend in the crowd to go up and make out with the guitarist.During the day, we had the SB team in attendance, running things, with Younes Amrani,Omar Salazar and my new favourite skater off the back of winning the Dam Am Ishod Wair, sick style, wearing a french away football shirt and all round good guy.

Other good guys in the building, Nico Von Rup, and the mainman in france mr frankie knuckles himself, Frank Moissonier.

This heartbreak kid  was around with a serious Deep V going.

The crowd getting in the place.  Getting some feet in the pool. This guy getting a bit more than just feet in the pool at the party.

This was the picture of Julian Wilsons board that I was talking about.  His mum does the painting.
The Black Lips

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