Splash down

by The Good Life on July 31, 2011

in France



It seems that I managed to get a dodgy ear from the sea, so hold a day with the camera cruising around.  This is one of those things that as a kid, you would love to stand and watch.  I could well imagine being 7 years old and wanting to watch this thing for a straight 3 hours.  On high tide when there is a good swell, there is a wall which attracts holiday makers by the barrel load.

These dutchies were getting right involved.

About 5 minutes after this, I tried getting closer and stood on the rocks on the left to try and take a picture of this family getting drenched, and true to form, the wave came from the other way and boom, head to toe drenched Swansea fan s’il vous plait.  They had the last laugh.

The number of people who dont realise the water is coming up is amazing, but by this point, me being drenched through I was kind of the give away sign for the people.

Thats all.

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