by The Good Life on July 25, 2011

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British people, by rights like to complain about weather.  “oh its too hot for me” closely followed by “oh its too cold, its raining” and of course the inability of us Brits to operate in the snow.  If you have ever watched the news when its snowing, you know what I mean.  In the UK, we have hosepipe bans for most of the summer aswell, even if it rains day in day out.

However I have to chip in here, as the weather this July, has been about as bad as it can be for the Summer.  3 weeks back there was temperatures of 39′ engulfing us, which was real summer, but pretty much since then, it nosedived, and apart from coming up from a few breaths of air, the weather has been stuck with the news of the world low lives in the gutter.

I found this clip which shows British peoples obsession with Rain, flick to 1min30 in and watch the “its spitting” part.  Peter Kay. Amazing.

I took a couple of photos around Biarritz the last few days, so you can get an idea, well saying that, I am sure many of you, especially those of you in Austria, where its snowed down to 1500m last night, know what I’m talking about, but there gets a point, where you have to say, “give me break here please”

The poor old lifegaurds jobs have gone from spending the day, looking at scantilyclad girls in bikinis and if your north or Cazernes, then naked people, but what with this weather his Baywatch style job, has been reduced to little more than wearing a poncho in a crosswind in west wales.  This lifeguard is here thinking “merd, monsiuer, deux people learning to scubadive on my naked beach, in bad weather, so i have to sit my french ass down here all day. putain merd!”

The cafe business has been down aswell, even the diehard red kagool coffee drinking wearer is having trouble with it Dogs cant even get down the beach.

I may not shave until the sun comes out.  Movember is only 3 months away, so it better happen soon, or I will be bearded like David Doom soon enough.  Probably the best thing I have seen about the weather is this facebook status update….

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