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by The Good Life on August 23, 2011

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On my travels round the world, people get quite fascinated by the British Accents.  Mine has died down from its South East roots, as a result from people not understanding it when i drop Ts from words etc.  My Dad has a welsh twang to his, and my mum when she gets a bit excited gets all north London.  So in celebration of the great country of the United Kingdom, I thought to do a blog post to take my American bredren and of course ze germans, and Euros around how we talk in the UK.  So lets start with a map, so you can see how our tiny, yet once all conquering island looks, so you can see.

So as you can see on there.  Its a small island with cities not far apart.  So London to Birmingham is only 2 hours or so, Manchester is about 4 hours drive, and Swansea (the welsh capital just an hour to the west of Bristol) is 3 hours from London, so everythings close by.

So lets have a look at some accents then.  The first has to be the London Accent which I always get asked about by me old english china Kevin Keller.

Now this is from a London Cabbie, please excuse the nature of his comments, but he has the London Cabbie Accent straight on point.  There is also a grip of swearing so children and small dogs shouldnt be nearby.

You see what I mean though.  You have probably all been in a cab with a bloke like that.  If you like those accents, go watch The Football Factory, The Business or Harry Brown.  
From there, lets head west to Bristol for a bit of a West Country accent.  I think thats where Ian Holloway is from, but either way as a post match interview, they dont get much better.

Alright so on our little roadtrip then we drive up the road to Birmingham, where they speak like this.  This is from an 80s show so its a bit old, and with forced laughter but youtube wasnt giving me what I needed.

Then we should head to the homeland of the mighty Swansea City and I found this of some women outside Tescos in Bridgend, giving it some with her Welsh accent.

We also have Max Boyce who is showing us the welsh accent

Ok, then so thats Wales, now back into the UK, and up to Manchester, its only a couple of hours away but the accent changes up to this.  Liam Gallagher 16 years ago.  Have a look at this and learn that accent.

Only about half an hour from Manchester then you have Bolton, where their most famous son Peter Kay shows us his worth.  If you havent seen Peter Kay live you have to check his live shows.  He is amazing.

From Bolton, and one shite football team up to Newcastle and another where they sound like this
Cheryl Cole, who actually got booted off American Idol as no one could understand her.

Alright then, pack up, as we are off again, up into Scotland.  I know you probably saw Braveheart and you could understand Mel Gibson, before he turned slightly mad, but his accent wasnt Scottish.  This is Scottish, Kevin Bridges.  Glasgow and proud.  Americans, try and work out what this guy is saying.

We also have to remember the Irish people.  No where near as funny as Kevin Bridges or Peter Kay, but you can the idea…

 So thats been a whistle stop tour around the UK, so you get the idea of accents round our small country.  A couple of hours in a car can mean a whole world of trouble if your not ready for it.  Now for one last video for Kevin Keller, its this with a couple of likely lads giving it some lemon.

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