French Parking

by The Good Life on August 25, 2011

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Much is made of the French and their abuse of cars.  Bumping into each other, opening doors onto others, just general abuse, thats why everyone seems to drive heaps round here, as anything better gets trashed pretty quickly.  This was probably the best parking I ever saw this week in Anglet.  Not sure who was at fault, but there was just centimetres to spare.

Actually of course it was the bus fault.

He just parked it.  Boom Boom.  This week saw the end of the Nike Roundhouse in Anglet and the final of the cash for tricks session.  A lot of breaking boards going down and airs.  I tried paddling out next to it, and old Jonny Brazilian was giving it some in the line up so I had no chance.

A mute or something you shouldnt be doing without your feet attached.

The skating was going down too, with a cash for tricks there aswell.  This guy after landing his trick skated out and ollied straight into the pool, as he had been trying this trick for like an hour…
The Trailer to the Vapen Session just dropped aswell from our end of season shoot.  Some good stuff in there from Gjermund and the crew….

Nike Vapen Sessions Trailer from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

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