Hymns and Arias – Max Boyce

by The Good Life on August 22, 2011

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So this weekend, the mighty Swans played their first home game in the Premier League, and so in order to welcome it in we had Welsh Legend Max Boyce singing a new version of Hymns and Arias.  This is genius, and so I picked out a couple of the classic lines from him here

“Last Monday up at City, I was glad to see it end, but the thought of all the millions a club like that can spend, the Swans would buy Aguerro, if he took a cut in pay, but we’d have to sell the Bradwyn Hall, and half of Langland Bay”

He also did a Verse about Wigan the visitors for the game…

“and to you lads from wigan, it does seem strange to me, you used to have a pier, but you havent got a sea, I know you’ve got a brilliant team, that rarely shows fatigue, their called the Wigan Warriors, and they play Rugby League”

and of course with El Judas Roberto was back so he got some stick too….

“and so then to Roberto (boos, followed by cheers) , I’m glad to see him back, he said he’d never leave us he’d always be a Jack, but then you signed for Wigan, and it only made him, because he’d bought a house in Swansea, next to Catharine Zetas dad”

Thank you very much Max Boyce for the song, and adding some well needed humour into the over hyped premier league.

Now if only he could sing something like that when we play Arsenal at home.

Lyrics could be

“o dear old Arsene, you keep relying on the kids, but will they beat the yids? if your not careful, it wont just be nasri and fabregas going, it might well be the lot, so please stop throwing water bottles, it looks like your loosing the plot”

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