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by The Good Life on August 12, 2011

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So this Summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Jon Streiby from Denver who has been doing art “forever, his whole life” just said my assistant here at the goodlife mansion.  He is a pretty talented chap, both in and out the water.  Or was that Kelly Slater.  So we let him loose on a couple of boards last week, and this is what he came up with.  Above is the dumpster diver with his self portrait thingy.  Drinking Rose out of a cup.  Real Classy.

This is the biscuit, the board i have been throwing around the water the last couple of years, the best birthday present ever from the goodlife lady a couple of years back.  When I turned 20 or 21 or something.  

“I’ve got a fever” is based on a friend watching a 5 a side football match and screaming the stands down with a chant which went a little something like this “i’ve got a fever, i’ve got a fever and the only cure is weaver!”
The two best looking boards in the 40150 postcode.

Make sure to go check out his website here which shows you more of his work.  If you want to check out how the original boards look check out the Channel Islands site

In the past he has done stuff for Volcom incuding shop windows for them, and various pieces.

He was also part of the shoeshine exhibition this year, with these kicks as below.

As I said earlier aswell.  He drinks Rose.  Ladies please form a que.  A Kelly Slater lookalike, artist type, with a penchant for rose in the evening.  Dream material right there.

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