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So on the opening weekend of the season, I thought I would make a few predictions for the season.  One of the main things I think we will see which defines teams seasons, is how much they stick together.  For example, I can easily see Arsenal and QPR turning on their managers, whilst Newcastle and Blackburn will probably turn on their owners, which both mean that their respective clubs will have rough patches. So how will the league look come the end of season?  This is what I think…

1. Man Utd

2 Liverpool

3. Chelsea

4. Man City

5. Arsenal

6. Tottenham

7. Everton

8. Sunderland

9. Aston Villa

10. Stoke

11. Bolton

12. Fulham

13. West Brom

14. Swansea

15. Wigan

16. Norwich

17. Wolves

18. Newcastle

19. Blackburn

20. QPR

Alright so lets run through it then…

Top End

The premier league these days definitely seems to be split in two or three mini leagues.  The top 6 will be the same six teams as this last year, but I think that Liverpool will mount a real challenge to Man Utd, whilst Arsenal will fall away.  Liverpool have bought a lot of British players, and will have a great team spirit because of their manager who will accept only 110% effort in each game.  Also using his academy players will mean that the club regains its status as one of the greats, and with Andy Carrol, Luis Saurez, Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, Gerrard you have a pretty hefty firing squad.  I cant see Man Utd being knocked off top spot though, as they have quality throughout and spent wisely on players who will fit straight in such as Ashley Young.

Dalgeish.  Scottish

The main thing seperating the top two from the next few teams is that they believe in their managers 100% whereas Man City and Chelsea will have the constant threat from the money men that they could be the next out the door if results dont work.  Saying that though, they have both got enough great players to ensure they stay in the top 4.

This will be a tough season for Arsenal, as loosing Nasri and Fabregas without buying what they really need – a big defender and a ball winner in midfield, however the transfer season isnt finished, so they may yet still, but on Wengers record, you cant imagine him buying what he needs.  This could well be the year that the fans finally cant handle “play great football, dont win leagues”.  Then Spurs will come in 6th just after them, who have kept their great players but not strengthened much, so it will be a tough time for them keeping up, but without Champions League Distractions, they should be able to get 6th.

Wenger. French.  1996.  Time has taken its toll.

After 6th, there is a rough group of teams who seem most settled in the premier league like Everton, Villa, Bolton, Stoke, Fulham and Sunderland, who you wouldnt expect to go down, however any of these teams are beatable by the lower teams, and so could finish anywhere.

I predict for the mighty swans a pretty optimistic season, and a 14th place finish.  Quite funny that as I just saw on Sky, Swansea are favorites to go down at 4/7 on for the drop.  However as a team they are 100% behind Brendan Rodgers, and we have signed some exciting players like Wayne Routledge and Danny Graham, who can hopefully fill in the gap left by Fabio Borini.  Also at the back we have signed Steven Caulker from Spurs, and in Vorm we have the dutch number 2 in goal, so it should be a good season for the boys.  The only thing I think we worry about is having another defender as cover, and unless Ferrie Bodde can come back strong, or Augustien finds his feet in a Swansea shirt, (which I think may well happen this season) we could maybe have used a ball winner in midfield.

Brendan Rodgers.  Legend.

The main thing for the Swans is that we all have to stick together, so fans remain calm, even when we are 4-0 down, dont start booing players or our manager, stick together, and we will be fine.  There are enough average teams in the premier league who we have to concentrate taking points off to stay up, then we will have a good season.  Any swansea fans reading this, if you see any fans booing, or over reacting on message boards or twitter, have a word with them and tell them to take a look at themselves.  We are a well run premier league club, possibly the best run club, and the ONLY club owned 20% by our fans.  Man Utd would trade for that in a heartbeat instead of the americans.

Joe Allen, this guy will have a storming season.

So after that, we go down towards the drop zone which will be any one from the bottom 7 teams probably including Wigan and Wolves who will probably do enough to stay up.  Norwich another newly promoted team, also have bought well in summer and so should stay up too, and have a great fan base who will be behind the team all season long.

So the 3 relegated teams?  I am going for Newcastle, Blackburn and QPR.  The reason?  The ownership of the club will cause the ships to sink mid season.  Newcastle sacked Chris Hughton last year after he brought them up, and owner Mike Ashley doesnt have many fans after that, so they are in a difficult position.  They have bought have a team of random french players which may work, but also may backfire, as they could strike anytime being french.  Alan Pardew could go, if results dont go with him.  The same can be said of Blackburn, who do just enough to stay up every year, but this year will be the year they cant make it.  The Venkys that own them are more interested in selling chicken than a football club, and will probably press the panick button and sack Steve Kean as soon as think they arent doing well.  They will say they will replace him with Terry Venables, and end up with Rodney from Only fools and horses in charge.

Mike Ashley. Now in chorus. You fat bas*#rd, You fat bas*#rd, he ate the pies.

QPR, after storming the championship last year, will probably sack Neil Warnock by December, as their rich owners think they should be up with Chelsea despite not letting him spend any money in summer.  They will probably then let the new manager spend some money, but by then, it may well be too late.

So message to all Swansea fans and players, stick together, back the boys, enjoy the season, and lets play some good football, and show everyone what we are made of.  Jack Army.  I just found this picture of a bloke in Swansea who painted his house in preparation for the season.

So there we have it, a few quick predictions on the season.  Let me know below if you think I am on target or as wide as an Abdel Tarabt corner.

Oh yes.  From here on out the premier league logo will look like this.


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