US Open of Surfing

by The Good Life on August 9, 2011

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The US Open of Surfing has been going off in Huntington Beach all last week, so thought a quick post on the sights of whats going down in “Surf City USA” as they call it.

Kind of an ironic picture.  Heaven or Hell?  I guess the kids here couldn’t care less.  As long as they’re in the sun, on the beach and theres 200,000 other people they are happy.

Calfornia Republic represent.  If it were a republic from the US, I guess it would be bankrupt.  Would be a pretty sweet bankrupt place though.

Meanwhile in the water Kolohe got through to semis and surfed super good all week.  Shame he didnt make finals, as Yadin Nicol kinda had a non starter in finals

I think I am gonna claim this was Dane Reynolds, the worlds most popular surfer with cool kids.

Kelly Slater won, and as soon as he caught his final wave in got mauled by the assembled media, proud Americans, Kurt Heine wearing his shoes and socks in the water trying to get the shot of Slater.  The funniest thing was watching that crowd below running at Kelly, each with cameras costing about 5 grand, only for a shorebreak to dump infront of them all and watch them all get drenched.  I think that day 14 Iphones, and 12 SLR cameras got eaten by the sea.  Oh and Heines shoes.

The Scrum

Mr T was on hand, but didnt make it through his heat though.


Stevie Bell the real English bloke himself was on hand to sign some autographs over at Skull Candy, and probably spray a few skulls onto chicks bodies.  Stay Classy.  He took us to a house party at 4 in the afternoon for Margeritas with the highest concentration of jersey shore style taooed, fake boobed, people you ever saw.

Stevies legendary response to being asked if he wanted to go surfing was this a couple of years back “Do I wanna go surfing? Hell No!  I look like a seal lying out there waiting for the sharks to come eat me”

Managed to be in the spot to watch this guy shoot the pier on his longboard, pretty good to see.

This Bikini fashion is getting real big right now and seeing as the picture I posted on facebook got 53 comments, I thought why let Mark Zuckerberg get all the love, so its up on your here instead.Meanwhile these guys at the end of the pier are trying to sell/give away/educate people about Weed.  Funny that as me and Bobby the boston terrier got thrown off the pier by Police for cruising on it, but the police stand by and watch people doing this.

More people trying to sell Jesus to the people. I guess their more interested in getting to the Aloha Grill for some rainbows.
The mode of transport in Huntington Beach, is a two wheeler.

This guy is back and strong as ever too

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