by The Good Life on August 30, 2011

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 So then on the back of riders being in New Zealand, and the weather getting 3 degrees colder this week, i thought some edits from snow deserved to get on my blog.  So first one is from Aimee Fuller.  You know her from recent surf entries.  Thats right, this girl….

Well she has been killing it over the last year, probably due to the fact I have been surfing with her, she felt the vibes from me, and so is now throwing herself like nobodys business.  This edit is impressive

AIMEE FULLER. NZ edit. from AIMEE FULLER on Vimeo.

Then slightly less impressive is these two rockstars drinking tea like the bad boys they are.  Probably recovering from a night on the Snus.

So this is Ethan Morgans edit from the season just on gopro, which explains the lack of white balance of colours.  Some bangers in there, and i think, when he hits 5000 views, I should get some kind incentive as I must have filmed over half of it.

Go Pro Season Recap from on Vimeo.

The next guy, well, one of the two tea drinkers, is this boy band member in the making Jamie Nicholls, seen here taking his skateboard for a walk.

And seen her taking apart Castleford. Sorry about Jon Russels tight stance, he needs some work there.  Henry Jackson will be calling to check on that anyday now.

Sweeter Than Nutella from on Vimeo.

 This badboy just dropped from Burton too, which has good music, and impressive rider list, and is definitely good for getting into the winter mood straight away…

Then as we are on videos.  Why not all the goals from Sundays game between Man Utd and Arsenal?  I like nothing more than poking fun at Man Utd but hats off, they ripped Arsenal too pieces, much as Swansea will in a couple of weeks.   Here are the goals for you.

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