This week saw the first golf game of the Autumn in germanic lands for us, with Tom West, me and Bill Morgan, aka Ethans dad aka Chuck Norris as the budding Tiger Woods. It must be said Tom is holding a fine deck of cards when it comes to golf, this guy will be readyRead more

Swansea Season Update

So the premier league has now seen 6 weeks of action, and so thought about time for a quick round up so far.  I have a few pictures from the opening fixtures too, from Senior Weaver.  Teams running out vs wigwam first home game in the premier league. I think when the fixtures came out,Read more Uberpost

The annual season kick off that is went down this weekend.  Here is a quick round up from the Landiweise, down in Zurich, What better way to kick things off than the view from the drop in.  Nice weekend of weather in Switzerland. The weekend belonged to this guy, Halldor, who was running theRead more

This weekend, we are down in Zurich for the start of the season pretty much for Europe, with  Just a few quick pictures here from Saturday with the boys sending it nice and deep.  This is the view from the top of the ramp, ready to drop in?  Try and make it all theRead more

Ben Howard

On Saturday, we were lucky enough to catch a show from Ben Howard, the Devon based singer guitarist.  I havent seen him before, but will be searching him out next Summer, as I am sure he will be big news across many of the festivals.  Such a nice sound, and such a nice bit ofRead more


That right there is the outside of the Guggenheim Museum down in Bilbao.  Had to go down to Spain one afternoon, so wandered around and found this place, unfortunately though, it was shut on our day of visit.  Nice to see in the middle of tourist times that they shut. The Guggenheim has this bigRead more

TV Campaigns

So with the start of the football season, I have managed to spend a few more evenings in front of the TV, and noticed these adverts which are all over British TV. So the first one, is for the Toyota Yaris, I had seen another of these which has some white rapper on it, butRead more

Sexual Snowboarding

The Guys at have just launched the trailer for their new film, Sexual Snowboarding.  Have a watch above. And since its all music and action on here.  Heres Diplo and Beyonce.  Go figure. TweetRead more

Chase and Status Essential Mix

So pretty much all last summer, anytime I went out running, or something, I would put this mix on, as to me its one of the best mixes ever.  Maybe you dont like drum and bass, but there we go.  I know a few people who do, so have a listen and enjoy the nextRead more

Back for the Future

Take a couple of minutes out your day, to watch these videos, in aid of finding a cure for Parkinsons. So I am sure we have all watched Back to the Future, and this is something Nike, Ebay and the Parkinsons foundation are coming up with to raise money, awareness and try to find aRead more

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