Back for the Future

by The Good Life on September 13, 2011

in Nike, The Good Stuff

Take a couple of minutes out your day, to watch these videos, in aid of finding a cure for Parkinsons.

So I am sure we have all watched Back to the Future, and this is something Nike, Ebay and the Parkinsons foundation are coming up with to raise money, awareness and try to find a cure for it.  Its a pretty great way of doing it as its launching the shoes we all first wanted in Back to the Future, with the Hoverboard.  Not sure if a hoverboard is for sale, but the shoes should do the trick….

To hear more about it, here is Michael J Fox on Letterman.

He has the disease, as does Muhammed Ali, so watch and if your feeling rich enough, get bidding, as these badboys will be going for some mega money.

Whilst on the subject of charity, fellas, start grooming that upper lip, and using all fertilizers required to get it growing nice and thick as we will all be starting on Movember in just over 6 weeks.

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