by The Good Life on September 19, 2011

in France, The Good Stuff

That right there is the outside of the Guggenheim Museum down in Bilbao.  Had to go down to Spain one afternoon, so wandered around and found this place, unfortunately though, it was shut on our day of visit.  Nice to see in the middle of tourist times that they shut.

The Guggenheim has this big dog protecting the place made out of flowers.  Real Tough Doggie.

Some local arcitect decided to get all Arsty when he built this bridge.  Why not.  Would pay to see some skater try and use the part at the top as a mini ramp.

Every street seems to have a piece of Art.  This is one of two babys heads which are sitting on the side of the road downtown Bilbao.  Me neither. No idea what it represents.  Dont think the old boy has a clue either.

Meanwhile outside the Guggenheim, the kids go for something much more culturally enriching with a bit of running in the water springs.

There is a lot of this in the food in Spain and specifically the Basque country.

Meanwhile back in France, if you can catch the right days, when the wind is good and its not like a storm out at sea, then you get something like this, near perfect waves.  Banging

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