Chez Minus

by The Good Life on September 3, 2011

in France, The Good Stuff

Out and About in France, there are a few great places to go for food, especially for seafood.  One of the best is Chez Minus in Capbreton.

Everything is cooked on the Plancha.  The Mussels are cooked in an amazing Spice, which looks to be salt, pepper, chilli, pepper, oil and some secret stuff too, I imagine.

And they have a pretty simple Menu.  Its Mussels.

Shrimps/Gambas and Sardines

Some Potugese Superbock

And long wooden tables and benches, plastic plates, and there is cutlery but no one has used it since 1989 or so.  Its mucky fingers all round here as the food is that tasty.

Simple as that.  Just 3 main dishes, mussels, shrimps or sardines, fries, and thats about it.  It means everything cooked is amazing, everything is perfect and so you can go in there for a meal you wont forget.

Meanwhile Capbreton Harbour, was looking pretty good outside. 

You can tell its a non Swansea football weekend.

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