by The Good Life on September 9, 2011

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Many of the worlds greatest riders came from Dryslope.  Well Jamie Nicholls, Cheryl Maas and ummmm well most of the british scene back in the day.  So Cheryls online TV show is up, so thought I would post a little link to it, but before that, here is a couple of pictures from back in the day.

This shot right here is using what at the time was a new stuff called Snowflex so whilst working at Whitelines we went to Tower Bridge and dropped in on this rail, with a very young Sam Cullum and Mike Rhodes.  A great saturday that was.  All shot by Adrian Cairns one of the best photographers around.  Such a good session, and was a great time working with Matt Barr and Chris Moran on Whitelines.

This is up at Welling Garden City, a rail built by now defunct Experimental.  That was a stairset, on fire for some reason.  I managed to break my hand first hit, as the rail was rusty and sticky, but this was about half an hour later as we kept riding and didnt notice until 3am the next morning.

So here goes, someone who is way better at drylsope, well and all snowboarding than me…. The one and only Cheryl Maas and her first part of her online show.  Dryslope killer.

Open Air Episode 1 from Volcom on Vimeo.

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