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The annual season kick off that is went down this weekend.  Here is a quick round up from the Landiweise, down in Zurich, What better way to kick things off than the view from the drop in.  Nice weekend of weather in Switzerland.

The weekend belonged to this guy, Halldor, who was running the show, he made it through semis with some Backisde rodeo Japan, and back 10, before in finals going for some Frontside Doubles, including his winning trick which looked to many of us like a no grab.  But there you go, knowing Halldor maybe that was part of the trick.

In the finals going for a frontside 10 double cork indy.  In his words straight after, “i am soooo over the melon, one so I had to try something else” yep why not….

Headphones, check, goggles check, long hair check.  Winning Check.

Halldor being asked by Chris Bachmann, “what have you got to say to Zurich Halldor” to which he replied, “yeah stoked to have won, now shit on my tits Zurich!”

Ethan was there, spinning his new Battaleons like a badman, but couldnt work it out in qualies and took Halldors usual spot of last, so we had first and last on the rankings.  Not sure if I get extra points for that, but I guess ethan does on the front 10 indy.

These two heroes were cruising Zurich.  Mr Triple Cork Mark Mcmorris, and Mr Frode Sandbech senior. More of the norweigan heartthrobs later.

Michi Lehman from Pleasure looking for the best angle.  Little did he know, I had the angle right above him.  Artsy.

If you have never been here before, it kinda looks like this.  Drunk kids everywhere wearing baggy clothes.  These guys had this new freeski brand hoodies on.  You never seen anything so bad.  Its called “Roxbury”, sounds like a mix between Roxy and Ashbury.  A lot of pink, lot of XXXL, and goofy ski kids wearing it.  Urgh.

This is what Johannes from Helgasons thinks of the Roxbury ski style.

Meanwhile there is some pretty insane skateboarding going down, on the mini mega ramp as they call it, basically enough time for a backside 3 into a mctwist but one guy went for a 900 tail grab on the quarter, easily the best thing to go down all week, even though he couldnt stick it clean, mad props for going after it.

The FMX guys deserve props too, one of the young spanish guys did a backflip and on landinging slipped out, and looked like he got pretty beaten up by the handle bar into his chest or shoulder or something.  The contest was delayed for like 15 minutes whilst they covered him and carted him out of there.  Get well soon matey.  I suppose the thing is, you slam on a surfboard, its in water, on a snowboard, hopefully some transitioned snow, FMX, its pretty much just flat ground down there.

Saw this piece of fashion aswell.  This girl was pretty happy on her recycling of the traditional dog and bone.

Last year the weather here was grim to say the least. This year we had sun, 25 off degrees and perfect for sitting in the sun.  This hardened festival goer made sure she found the single square metre of mud to stand in, and wore her best party shoes for the occasion too.

See what I mean, great weather, even the Sloevnians were getting a tan out there.  Seconds later Grillo was saying “its nice out here, but i feel kinda naked amoungst these people, time for a shirt” Tourist.

My camera was seeming to come under fire through the weekend.  Vernon Deck, Lorenz Richard, Stephan Maurer, even Frode seemed to be having a dig at my camera.  Too right I told old swiss Lorenzio were to stick it, and took a picture of him to show him whats cracking.

So if my camera isnt good enough, it was at least quick enough to do some tilt shift fake effect, and get a picture of Frode being clambered on by 16 year old swiss chicks.  And guess why?  “Ohhhh my god! Are you Stales brother” ha ha chicks even want a picture of people related to the male model from Norway.

Talking of Stale he came up with some new take on the front 3 tail.  Just spin, grab and then tweak like your back wont snap anytime soon.
And see what I mean, yep Girls love this kid.  I swear the girl front left, was nearly in tears whilst being squashed as she screamed for his beanie.  He obliged, and pretty soon afterwards she was probably sniffing out his 18 year old scent.  Must be tough be insane at snowboarding, good looking and 18.

I guess last shot of the day goes to Halldor and his back rodeo Japan.

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