by The Good Life on September 30, 2011

in Golf, The Good Stuff

This week saw the first golf game of the Autumn in germanic lands for us, with Tom West, me and Bill Morgan, aka Ethans dad aka Chuck Norris as the budding Tiger Woods.

It must be said Tom is holding a fine deck of cards when it comes to golf, this guy will be ready for a shot in whiteout golf in no time.  Here he just hooks one out of the rough back towards the green.

The course up near Garmisch is beautiful in amoungst the hills with huge mountains on each side, the sun coming down, and just one or two snobby types for me to try and not get angry with.

Bill after giving it his best off the tee.Thats sunset in germany.  So you ask who won the very prestigous game, well some how we were playing a system where you get points the worse you are at playing so I some how ended up level with Bill, whilst the baby faced rail assasin himself Tom West manged to beat us both.  I was paying the curry.  Which was spicer than living in an Indian Curry shop by the way.

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